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Pondering peace
Backyard haven gives busy couple a place to relax

When the couple on Murray Avenue bought the house in '97, the yard was a desert. They have completely transformed it, even though Trussie often works 12-hour days and Pam's job frequently requires her to travel.

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Pam Freund's pond and waterfall create a backyard oasis of soothing sounds and pleasant sights.

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Retaining wall blocks support plantings of lamb's ear, petunias, ferns, caladiums, million bells and impatiens.

GARDEN TOUR: Members of Hampton Roads Gardening & Home Club can tour Pam's garden July 28. To join the club, call Libby MacDonald, 928-6450 or visit hrgardening.com

Everyone who sees the gorgeous pond with its graceful waterfall raves about the beauty. But Pam and Trussie are too modest to send in pictures themselves. - Neighbors on Murray Avenue, Norfolk

Pondering peace
A Lakeside back yard haven gives this busy couple a place to relax. Last summer was Pam Freund's first year with her pond, so she's learning as she goes. They are thinking of also taking up watersports, and researching some oklahoma boat dealers. "The impatiens and million bells were lovely all summer into late September, early October," says Pam.
From now on, she plans to clean the pump intake in early fall - before the water gets cold - and make a partial water change in spring. She leaves the waterfall running all winter. She also plans to cover the pond with a net during fall - the leaves are just too much to keep up with.

"Water maintenance is easy," says Pam. "At first, I fretted about pH, salt and so on. I just kept adjusting the pH and monitored it constantly. I finally learned it just naturally fluctuates and left it alone. I still check it regularly, weekly now, daily during the summer, just to keep tabs."

Pam's 8-by-10-foot pond is home to shibunkin, comets and fantail goldfish, along with two catfish and several snails. Her water plants include water lettuce, cattails, rushes, parrot's feather, horsetail and hardy water lily. Gold Standard hostas flank the waterfall and retaining wall encircling lamb's ear, ferns, caladiums, million bells and impatiens.

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"Trussie loves to come home from work and look at what's new," says Pam. "He was the one who moved us to get the waterfall pond. We both enjoy the sound of the water and enjoy afternoons and evenings sitting outside reading and listing to the soothing water.

"To further extend our enjoyment, we put in a bay window, complete with window seat, which looks out over the pond. Now we can enjoy the pond year-round, inside and out."

June 2001

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