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Making a home
Putting together a cozy nest takes shopping, self-knowledge

When furnishing your first home - or refurnishing an existing home - craft a master plant based on your dreams and demands. Begin in the room that needs the most furniture or where you spend the most time and build from there, says Catherine Bailly Dunne, author of "Interior Designing for All Five Senses."

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Couples love snuggling on this cozy cottage-style sofa from Clayton Marcus

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Kincaid's GatheringHouse collection marries Shaker styling with contemporary elements for a simple yet elegant look that endures for generations (www.kincaidfurniture.com).

Here are some helpful tips on getting the most from your furniture-buying experience.

His and Hers. Let the furnishings you select reflect both of your personalities, interests and tastes. Visit a few furniture retailers to find styles that appeal to both of you. If you do not agree on everything, let each of you take a room of your own to decorate.

Start with a good foundation. Get to know the layout of your home, including the measurements and decide where to begin creating your dream home. Remember, you do not have to completely fill one room before starting on another.

Kiss old habits goodbye. As you find furniture that reflects your new life as husband and wife, don't be afraid to replace pieces that no longer fit your lifestyle.

Accessorize. Accents such as rugs, lamps and picture frames add warmth and character to a home.

Explore your fantasies. Let your imagination run wild. Dream of how you would furniture your home if you had no limitations, and from there, begin to create the look you both love.

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Tour more than 30 new homes, all prices ranges, June 2-3 and 9-10 on the Peninsula, Williamsburg area and Gloucester. Free, sponsored by Peninsula Housing & Builders Association. See issues of the Daily Press close to tour dates for maps giving directions to the homes. For information, call Kim Powers at PHBA, 757-595-1600.

June 2001

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